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Chromatography and Spectroscopy

GC-MS User Charges

User charges

Cost of GC use R250.00/hr
Setup of GC runs by MCB scientific officer R300.00/hr
Derivatization (material only: MeOX, MSTFA, vial, lid, insert, filter and syringe) R60.00/sample
Derivatization (material + derivatized by MCB scientific officer) R100.00/sample
Training/assistance/method development R 200.00/hr
Vials R8.00/vial
Vial caps R2.50/cap
Vial Inserts (0.25 mL-tapered bottom)      R4.00/insert
Vial Inserts (0.25 mL-with Polymer Feet)     R30.00/insert
Nylon Hydrophillic Syringe Filter (0.22 µm 13 mm)     R6.00/filter
Terumo Syringe (1 mL)     R4.00/syringe
FAMEs/d27-Myristic Acid Mixture (10 µl)     R100.00/10 µl
C8-C40 Alkanes (10 µl)     R20.00/10 µl
MSTFA (70 µl) R25.00/70 µl
20 mg/ml MeOX (40 µl) R10.00/40 µl
External Academics     Total cost + 15% Vat
Industry Total cost + 30% +15% Vat

Booking Contact
Please contact Mrs Pei-yin Liebrich (, 021 650 2403