Fluorescent Microscope Facility

H&S Guidelines

All Covid Health and Safety Measures apply to users of the MCB Inverted Microscope Facility.

It is going to be essential that users of the MCB Inverted Fluorescent Microscope take the following precautions when working in Room 432.1.

Following advice from Nikon, the microscope should be cleaned by applying 70% ethanol to paper towel, and wiping surfaces of contact on the microscope carefully. 

Users should never spray 70% ethanol directly on the microscope. Apply 70% ethanol to paper towel and use the paper towel to clean surfaces.

It is the responsibility of each user to clean (using 70% ethanol), all the desk top surfaces, the microscope points of contact, the keyboard and the mouse when they start working in the microscope room. They should repeat the procedure before they leave.

The microscope points of contact include

  1. The eyepieces
  2. The focusing wheel
  3. The X-Y navigation joystick
  4. The Fluorescent Shutter control

Do not touch the rest of the microscope. All operation should be via the computer interface.
You can take additional precautions of wearing disposable gloves and placing cling film across the keyboard.  A roll of cling film will be provided (but not disposable gloves).

Additional cleaning
One of the scientific officers will be responsible for cleaning all work surfaces (NOT the microscope) with diluted F10 disinfectant once a week. 

Further precautions
We will initially limit use of the microscope to two researchers per day, one user per session.

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