This page contains links to Virology teaching material for University of Cape Town Molecular & Cell Biology Department courses MCB2016F (2nd year BSc) and MCB3024S (3rd year).  They are free for anyone to use, the only stipulation being acknowledgement by lecturers / teachers of the source of the material.

Course Material

Level (yr)

Recommended Reading Material

Level (yr)

What is a Virus? 2 Origins of Viruses 2/3
Virions 2

Emerging Viruses and other Virology Essays

Classification of Viruses 2    
Viral Genome Diversity 2/3

External Resources

Links to Virus Ultrastructure and Viruses in Cell Culture 3 Mirrored Virology Course From University of Calgary 3
Virus Entry Into Cells 3 Virology resources at the University of Leicester 2/3
Replication of Viruses 3 Other Teaching Material Links 2/3
 - Replication of RNA Viruses 3    
MCB2016F STUDY NOTES VERSION - or PDF file 2    
MCB3024S Extra Material 3 Highly Recommended General Microbiology News 2/3

The Viroblogy Site 











This tutorial draws heavily on print published as well as electronically published work, as well as on things I and others have written that have not been published.

This was originally written as a supplement to my Introduction to Virology 7-lecture course to second-year Microbiology major students (MIC202S) in the Microbiology Department at the University of Cape Town.   It now constitutes the basis of a 7-lecture course in introductory microbiology (MCB2016F) and a 20-lecture course (MCB3024S, Defence and Disease) given to 3rd year students.

I hope you find it useful.

However, please do NOT download and use material in any other form than it is presented here, without permission.

And please tell me if you are using it...!

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