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Guidelines for research seminar series

Tuesdays, 1pm
Lecture Theater #2, Molecular Biology Bldg

  1. Scientific data is communicated almost exclusively by publication and by formal presentation. The Research Seminar Series is designed to allow students to hone their skills in formal presentation. At the post-doctoral level and beyond, scientists routinely present scientific data at invited seminars and at conferences, and students need to be given the opportunity to become polished and comfortable with the exercise. In addition, the seminar series also allows an element of peer review in-house, before data is presented to a general scientific audience. The general framework within which the seminar must be presented in the Research Seminar Series is given below.
  2. The length of the seminar must be approximately 20 min, allowing 10min for questions (30min total). Students are encouraged to keep to the proposed times.
  3. Since students will be speaking to an audience with diverse backgrounds, a short introduction (2-4minutes) should be given of the research field.
  4. The specific aim of the project must be stated in the introduction, and must clearly be relevant and important against the background given.
  5. Students are encouraged to make use of Microsoft Powerpoint or related software for presentation purposes, although other media may also be used.
  6. The RGB projector and Notebook computer have been booked for every Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm. It is the responsibility of the student to collect, set up, and return the projector and computer. Set up instructions comes with the projector, which is available from Jennifer Eidelman in the Libarary. Students are similarly responsible for setting up alternative presentation media, such as the slide projector. The key to the slide projector in Lecture Theater #2 is in the key-box in the Administration suite. Slide holders are next to the same key-box.
  7. Powerpoint slides or other media used must be of publication quality. In the case of a gel, for instance, molecular weight standards will be clearly marked and labeled, gel lanes will be numbered and labeled, and important bands on the gel will be identified.
  8. Each slide should have a heading, which may be a short statement of the conclusion drawn from the experimental data on the slide.
  9. Consult with your supervisor if you are unsure of how to present specific types of experimental data.
  10. The seminar should be presented as a series of slides of experiments, where a logical and flowing argument is made towards the conclusion(s), which will clearly address the aim that was initially stated.
  11. The general format of the presentation including artistic creativity, use of animation, and slide layout are for the discretion of the presenter and the supervisor. The only requirement is that the talk must be appropriate for professional presentation.
  12. Students will be expected to be able to discuss in detail issues relating to methodologies employed in the generation of the experimental data, as well as questions relating to the research field or research philosophy of the project.
  13. It is accepted that the research project of all students are not at a point where the data can support a 20min presentation. In such cases the project philosophy and future planned experiments may be discussed.