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Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Plant Stress Group

The Plant Stress Group, under the leadership of Prof. Jill Farrant aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of desiccation tolerance in resurrection plants in order to ultimately apply this knowledge towards the production of drought tolerant crops. A multidisciplinary approach is utilized in which disciplines of molecular biology (for understanding of genes, proteins and metabolites associated with water loss, and their regulation) biochemistry/cell biology (for functional analysis of how protection is afforded and where it is located) and physiology/ecophysiology (to inform and contextualize responses). Key genes and processes identified are tested in the short term for efficacy in inducing drought tolerance in desiccation sensitive species (Arabidopsis and Teff). A key aspect of this research will be to interrogate some or all of the genomes of the 4 resurrection plants that have been sequenced or are in the process of being sequenced by the group, with the aim of characterizing key molecular responses associated with desiccation and recovery therefrom.

Closing date: 15 August 2020
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