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Our oligonucleotides are now synthesized on a Beckman 1000M DNA synthesizer using the high purity program. Repetitive yields are above 99%. We run a polyacrylamide gel on all synthesized primers which can be supplied on request. We also perform frequent composition analyses of the bases via HPLC after hydrolysis to ensure quality. We believe we can now supply oligonucleotides within a week of receipt of your order. In case of problems please communicate them to us and a re-synthesis or a refund can be arranged. (Unless otherwise requested, oligonucleotides are shipped in 50mM TRIS - 2 mM EDTA BUFFER pH 7.5).

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Ms Pei-Yin Ma
Tel (021) 650 2403
Fax (021) 689-7573

Degenerate bases are placed inside brackets e.g. 5' Ag(CgT) g 3'
Write G in lower case (g) to prevent confusion between G and C.
Do not use degeneracy abbreviations such as Y or P.
Don't forget to mention the desired scale of synthesis.

Delivery Time - within 1 week