Fluorescent Microscope Facility

Microscope Booking

MCB Microscope Booking Protocol

All sessions on the MCB Inverted Fluorescent microscope should be reserved using the Bookkit App.

Restrictions under Level 2

We will be restricting the use of the MCB Inverted Microscope to two users a day, with one user per session. An interval of an hour should be allowed between bookings.

Registering on Bookkit 

All existing MCB users of the Inverted Fluorescent Microscope will have already received an email to join the Facility on Bookkit. 
Existing Users of the microscope from other Departments (i.e. not MCB) need to contact and ask Keren to send them an invitation to join Bookkit, and to arrange access to the MCB building. 

You will need to have a project registered on the Fluorescent Microscope Bookkit platform in order to book. This information is used for billing, and for reporting on the use of the microscope. We will confirm, by email, the details (research details, fund number etc.) from your previous bookings (on google forms) and use this to register your project.  Please check the details and let us know if anything needs to be updated. 
Please note: If your project or fund number changes, you will need to notify us. Any additional project you work on will also need to be registered. 

New users should fill out the registration form below – you should have your PI’s fund number at hand as well as a short description of your research in order to complete the form. Following this, contact to arrange a training session. Once you have been trained and have registered on Bookkit, Keren will send you an invitation via Bookkit to join the MCB Fluorescent Microscope Facility.

Signing up to Bookkit

You will have received an email from the MCB Inverted Microscope Facility to join Bookkit.

  1. Login to Bookkit.
  2. Accept the invitation; Fluorescent Microscope should be listed in the drop-down list under “My Accounts” on the left sidebar menu.
  3. Select the Fluorescent Microscope Facility and then click on “Lab Dashboard” (directly below Fluorescent Microscope Facility on the left sidebar menu.
  4. You will see two items listed under Equipment: 

          •   the “Inverted Fluorescence Microscope – Fluorescence Microscopy” and 
          •   the “Inverted Microscope - Brightfield only”. 

    Both represent the same instrument, but we have included two options for booking to accommodate the differing prices for users.

    Check that the microscope is free (i.e. under both options) and select the “Inverted Fluorescence Microscope – Fluorescence Microscopy” option if you plan to use the Hg lamp and Fluorescence in your imaging.  Select “Inverted Microscope – Brightfield Only” if you will not be switching on the Hg lamp). NB: Please check the other instance of the instrument to make sure you are not double booking!
  5. An “Equipment-Details” screen will appear, and you will see the calendar of bookings. Click on the day/time you would like to start and drag to block off the time for which you will be using the microscope. If you make a mistake, double click on the booking and select “OK” to delete it.
  6. Below the calendar in the “Notes” field – add a short description of the work you will be doing (type of tissue, fluorophore, reason for viewing etc.). Then click the “Book” button directly below the “Notes”. 
  7. Your booking should now show on the calendar in green. If you double click it, you will be able to edit it or cancel the booking.
  8. We will be using the booking calendar to charge for the use of the MCB Inverted Microscope. 

Cancelling your booking

Research plans change constantly, and you may not need your booking.  But please make sure you cancel your booking at least 24 hrs beforehand. All users will be automatically notified that a slot has become available when you cancel your booking.

You will be charged for your slot if you do not cancel your booking. 

To edit or cancel a booking: Click on “My Bookings” on the left side menu. Click the drop-down arrow (to the right of the status column) and select “Details”. You can also double-click on your booking in the equipment calendar to access the booking details. On the Details screen, click “Cancel booking” to cancel or “Edit booking” to alter your booking.   

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