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Molecular and Cell Biology Department Scholarships

Postdoctoral Fellowship – Circadian clock regulation of plant immunity (A/Prof. Robert Ingle)
Applications are invited for an NRF grantholder-linked Postdoctoral Fellowship to use previously generated next-generation sequencing data to identify the transcription factors responsible for the temporal variation in susceptibility of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacterial and fungal pathogens. The fellow will also generate and characterise plants with altered expression levels of these candidate genes, and carry out metabolite profiling of plant hormone levels by mass spectrometry.
Value and tenure: The duration of this fellowship is 12 months (Jan-Dec 2020) and the value is R220 000

Applications will close on 23rd November 2019. Eligible and complete applications received by this time will be considered by A/Prof Ingle. More information...

(page updated 31 October 2019)