Ann Meyers

Research | Telephone +27 21 650 5712 | Facsimile +27 21 650 2646

I have been in Prof Ed Rybicki's group since February 2000 initially as a postdoctoral fellow and currently as a Research Officer. My research interests lie mainly in the expression of recombinant proteins in plants and in particular, vaccines for humans and animals which provide a cheaper alternative to industrially-produced vaccines. I have worked on the production of HIV-1 Gag virus-like particles (VLPs) in plants with a view to using these as an HIV-1 vaccine candidate as well as the production of Bluetongue virus (BTV) particles for a potential vaccine. I am currently also working on the production of Rift Valley Fever Virus and Foot-and-mouth disease virus vaccines as well as FMDV reagents for diagnostic purposes. Work includes the expression of VLPs in Nicotiana benthamiana and preliminary testing of their ability to stimulate an immune response in mice as well as the production and specificity testing of plant-produced reagents. Since 2000, 11 honours students, 6 MSc students and 3 PhD students have graduated under my co-supervision and I am currently co-supervising 3 MSc students and 2 PhD students.

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