Jennifer Thomson


In this section, academic papers and articles relevant to GM research have been made available. Where possible, hyperlinks have been provided with downloads of the actual articles or papers.

Publication 1
Title: It's all in the Genes
Author: Jennifer Thomson
Reference: Sunday Times Lifestyle, 12 August 2001
Summary:Genetically modified crops could well out-organic the entire health food industry, and the geneticists are winning the battle for acceptance. Jennifer Thomson explains the huge potential for Africa
Download: It's all in the Genes - click to download (web site)


Publication 2
Title: Fact or Fiction on Genetically Modified crops
Author: Jennifer Thomson, PhD.
Reference: none
Summary:Summarized are some commonly misunderstood facts on genetically modified crops. Highlighted are 16 facts that you may not know about GM crops. This has particular reference to South Africa.
Download: Fact or Fiction on GMO - click to download (.doc)


Publication 3
Title:Horizontal Transfer of DNA From GM Crops to BActeria and to Mammalian Cells
Author:J.A. Thomson
Reference:Journal of Food Science, Vol.66, No. 2, 2001
Summary:The evidence for horizontal gene transfer from GM crops to bacteria and mamalian cells is reviewed. The conclusion is that while horizontal gene transfer can and has occurred, such events are rare. However, even rare events may have an ecological impact, and thus the genes encoded by DNA introduced into a GM plant should be the focus of biosafety considerations. In the case of antibiotic resistance markers, the chances of increasing the fitness of any bacteria acquiring the genes from a GM plant is remote. There is also no known risk associated with the remote possibility that mammalian cells could be transformed with these genes and express the proteins.
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