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Lara Donaldson

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Dr Lara Donaldson
Dr Lara Donaldson | Telephone: +27 21 650 1289 | Facsimile: +27 21 650 1861


We share a lab with Assoc. Prof. Rob Ingle. Our research looks at how plants discriminate between salinity and drought stress and how stress tolerance can be engineered in both model plants and locally relevant crops. Briefly, we have performed a number of transcriptomics experiments on Arabidopsis plants treated with physiologically relevant concentrations of salt and equivalent concentrations of osmotic stress. We have then identified genes that are specifically upregulated in response to salinity stress and found these to be linked with the plant growth hormone auxin. Each of the projects in our lab looks at one aspect of the auxin signalling pathway to try to better understand how plants could co-opt this pathway to grow out of stressful conditions.

Selected Publications
  1. Donaldson L., Meier S. and Gehring C. (2016) The Arabidopsis cyclic nucleotide interactome. Cell Commun Signal. 14(1):10.
Katherine Denby, Mark Tester, Shane Murray, Ndiko Ludidi, Takalani Mulaudzi