Janet Hapgood

Funding / Collaborations

National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant: Prof Hapgood has recently obtained a National Institutes of Health (USA) NIH (R01) grant, for 5 years, on "Combination treatment for protection against HIV1 and pregnancy." PI: JH

Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challengers Grant (Phase I): Determination of differential effects of progestins on HIV-1 infectivity: towards choice of progestin for contraception in high risk developing countries. Nov 2012 – May 2014. PI: JH | Monday Paper article

MRC (Medical Research Council, South Africa): Differential effects and mechanisms of action of different synthetic progestins on regulation of inflammatory markers in primary human cervical epithelial cells: implications for HIV-1. pathogenesis. 2012-2014. PI: JH

NRF (National Research Foundation, South Africa): Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers. Mechanisms of ligand-independent glucocorticoid receptor activation: Towards improved drugs. 2014–2016. In addition, to foster postgraduate training she has recently obtained a DST/NRF: Collaborative Postgraduate Training Programme Grant on " Steroid Receptors, progestins and disease: Mechanisms of crosstalk," for 3 years. PI: JH

PRF (Poliomyelitis Research Foundation, South Africa): The role of synthetic progestins in expression of key host immunomodulatory and signalling genes and HIV-1 transmission, in primary cervical epithelial cells and explants: insights towards choice of contraceptive. 2011-2014. PI: JH


Dr. Donita J. Africander (Dept Biochemistry, University of Stellenbosch)
Dr Ann Louw (Dept Biochemistry, University of Stellenbosch)
Prof Charu Kaushic (Mc Master University, Canada)
Prof Robin Shattock (Imperial College, London)
Dr Zdenek Hel (University Alabama at Birmingham, USA)