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Professor Janet Hapgood | Telephone +27 21 650 5977 | Facsimile +27 21 689 7573

Prof Hapgood
Hapgood receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant

Prof Hapgood's field is broadly in intracellular molecular mechanisms of action of steroid receptors, in particular the glucocorticoid receptor (GR). In particular, it is focussed on ligand-selectivity, regulation of gene expression as well as cross talk between steroid receptors and other signalling pathways, which allows functional integration between stress, reproduction and immune function. This research is conducted in the broad context of reproduction, inflammation, contraception and infectious disease, in particular HIV-1. Most recently her lab has focussed on investigating the mechanisms and effects on immune function and HIV-1 pathogenesis of different progestin contraceptives via the GR, as well as cross talk between the GR and other receptors, and the role of the unliganded GR.

Positions held
2014: Full member: Institute for Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM), UCT.
2007-2014: Professor, Dept..Molecular and Cell Biology, Science faculty, UCT.
2012: Acting Chairperson, Dept..Molecular and Cell Biology, Science faculty, UCT.
2005/2006: Visiting researcher (sabbatical), National Institutes of Health, USA: Steroid Hormone Unit.
2004-2007: Professor, Dept. Biochemistry, Science Faculty, Stellenbosch University.
2003-2004: Chairperson, Dept. Biochemistry, Science Faculty, Stellenbosch University.
1996-2004: Associate Professor, Dept. Biochemistry, Science Faculty, Stellenbosch University.
1993-1996: Chief Research Officer, Regulatory Peptides Unit, Dept, Chemical Pathology, Medical School, UCT.
1989-1993: Chief Research Officer, Dept. Biochemistry, Science Faculty, UCT.
1987-1988: Postdoctoral Fellow, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
1982-1986: Ph.D. student, Dept. Biochemistry, Science Faculty, UCT

Prof Hapgood was recently elected as a Full Member of the IDM at UCT, fostering closer ties between IDM Med School at UCT and Science Faculty. Visit Prof. Hapgood's IDM site

Biographical information
After completing her Post Doc overseas in 1988, Prof Hapgood held research positions at UCT from 1989 – 1996, during which time she conducted full time independent lab-based research. Since 1996 she has held full time academic positions in South Africa, during which time she has been engaged in the full spectrum of academic activities, including undergraduate teaching at all levels, course design, administration and planning, administration at departmental, faculty and senate level, postgraduate training, and running an independent research program. Her passion is basic research and postgraduate training. She has trained about 30 MSc/PhD students to completion, mainly as principle supervisor. She has published 57 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, most as first or senior author, together with her postgraduate students and collaborators, and has an h-index of 23. She has been privileged to work with many talented postgraduate students, post docs and collaborators, notably Dr Donita Africander, Dr Chanel Avenant, Dr Ann Louw and Dr Andrea Kotitschke/du Toit. She is indebted for much of her scientific training to her Ph.D. supervisor Prof Claus von Holt. She is a single mother with two boys aged 16 and 17. Her other interests are literature, hiking and music.