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How is the course structured? What are the entrance criteria? What kind of research projects are offered?

Students are invited to an information session that will answer all their questions about the honours programme in MCB. Light refreshments will be served while you view research posters and interact with the academics and postgraduates.

The Honours course in Molecular & Cell Biology integrates the disciplines of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology. Students receive training in a range of molecular biological techniques in a stimulating research environment. Research projects are offered in the following six areas of biology:

Human HealthMarine BiotechnologyMicrobiology
Molecular EvolutionPlant Molecular BiologyVirology

Course co-ordinator: A/Prof Vernon Coyne (; +27 21 650 5070; Rm 200
Application procedure
Course outline

Prof. Vernon Coyne
My research is focused on characterising the stress response of commercially important marine organisms using an -omics approach. More...

Prof. Jill Farrant
Plant water deficit stress associated with droughts has been proposed to be one of the greatest threats to agriculture, worldwide, and in the coming decades, is likely to be... More...

Prof. Nicola Illing
My lab is tackling a number of research projects in the evolution of development (or evo-devo) field. These include investigating the genetic basis of the evolution of the bat wing... More...

Dr Rob Ingle
I am interested in the interactions between plants and their environment. Research projects in my group are diverse, but all focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms... More...

Dr Paul Meyers
Actinomycete and Antibiotic Research Group
Our main activity is the investigation of SA actinobacterial diversity by characterising and describing new... More...

Dr Colleen O'Ryan
My research has focused on evolutionary genetics of African species, and more recently I have shifted my research include ecological expression and human neuro-developmental... More...

Dr Thomas Oelgeschläger
Our research focuses on the regulation of mRNA synthesis by RNA polymerase II (RNAP II) in eukaryotic cells. The process of transcription - the synthesis of RNA from a DNA... More...

Dr Suhail Rafudeen
Plant stress research
My main research aim is to understand the molecular mechanisms of drought stress responses in plants... More...

Dr Laura Roden
The Rhythms and Blooms lab!
Our research interests are in circadian rhythms in plants & humans, & the photoperiodic control of developmental... More...

Prof. Ed Rybicki
Subunit vaccine and virus biotechnology group
Biofarming: plants are a potentially highly cost-effective...
Molecular virology and biotechnology... More...

Human Health
Marine Biotechnology
Molecular Evolution
Plant Molecular Biology